Anonymous inspection of school uniforms helps to reveal fakes

Roskachestvo (Russian Quality System) will check the quality of school uniforms in Russia. The anonymous purchasing will be made in 27 regions of the country. After purchasing, the uniforms will be handed over to laboratories where experts will inspect the products basing on three main factors: safety, quality and customer appeal.

“The manufacturers will see which parameters they should follow when they order components and fabrics for production of the school uniform,” said Russian Minister of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov.

Within the inspection the experts will check 62 brands of boys’ trousers manufactured in Russia, Belarus, China and Italy. All in all, the experts will check 60 parameters of quality and safety of the clothes including their conformity to technical standards and state standards (GOST), and also additional parameters which have an effect on the comfort of children.

According to Maksim Protasov, the Head of Roskachestvo, today the main problem of the textile industry is the quality of fabrics. In his opinion, the laboratory tests will show a link between fabrics and safety standards. “Substitution of fabrics of end products, when for instance synthetics is named wool, is unacceptable”, underlined Mr. Protasov. The results of the massive control check will be published on the Roskachestvo web-site in August when thousands of parents are buying school uniforms for their children.