The Business Session: From a Start-Up to a Successful Business

The Business Session: From a Start-Up to a Successful BusinessFrom Micro Business to a Mid-sized Business Session will take place on the 27th of September. It will be organized by the Woman Business Centre state agency and Expocentre AO.

According to statistics, only one out of ten start-ups survives, at best. And the one that has survived is dreaming of keeping up in the stream and in turning into a successful business. How to manage the stress, where to get investments or, simply, money for the development, who are the like-minded persons and how to build up a team with them – the answers to these and many other questions will be found at the Session on Moving from Micro to Medium Business by Bringing Ideas Together (Company Merger).

The Session is divided into three main blocks: Business Story, Business-Blitz, and Microphone. Evgenia Motorina, President of PRO Women Society, Alina Bukharina, Business Consultant, Svetlana Sorokina, General Director of Jules Verne Center for Children, Svetlana Shevchenko, General Director of My First Laboratory Co., Ltd., Larisa Kolpinskaya, General Director of INETPRODUCE Co., Ltd., will share their success stories, trends and mistakes. Lyubov Gerashchenko, Chairman of the Committee for Support of Ladies’ Entrepreneurship, will moderate the discussion. During the Microphone block, every attendant will have an opportunity to ask questions.

The goal of the business Session is to become a motivator and a networking opportunity for many of the participants. Since the informal links are stronger than the formal ones, let the start-ups meet each other and merge and grow into strong business ventures.