Gulnaz Kadyrova: we set our watch by Mir Detstva exhibition

Gulnaz Kadyrova: we set our watch by Mir Detstva exhibitionGulnaz Kadyrova, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of Russia, a special guest and our curator highly appreciated the results of the Mir Detstva and CJF – Child and Junior Fashion exhibitions.

Gulnaz Kadyrova took part in the Congress of the Children’s Goods Industry and attended the stand of the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade where the products of 65 Russian companies manufacturing children’s clothes, furniture, toys and educational games were presented. Besides, she got acquainted with the showcase of Russian manufacturers such as Zvezda, Russkiy Stil, Stellar, Small Toys, and others. We asked Gulnaz Kadyrova to share her impressions.

“Every time I visit the Mir Detstva exhibition with a great interest. The increase in the number of participants and visitors testifies that the industry experts are interested in the exhibition. As for us, we summarize the results of the expiring year and plan our cooperation with manufacturers in the coming year. Representatives of the children’s goods industry are always in the focus of the Ministry since they take part in the up-bringing of children, their health protection, and intellectual growth.

“2018 is the first year in the Decade of Childhood declared by the President. This year we plan to discuss the digitalization of the children’s industry. This topic is relevant; so it was pleasant to see that Russian manufacturers were moving in this direction. The projects demonstrated by some participants are worth immediate introduction into mass production.

“Our goal is to promote our products to foreign markets and to keep hold of the Russian markets in order to provide more goods of Russian manufacturers in our chain stores; and, of course, to familiarize end-users with the products of Russian manufacturers. Next year the exhibition celebrates its anniversary. We expect new interesting projects and new ideas which will become the drivers of realization of important national programs.”