New Yandex and Sberbank Marketplace invites producers of children’s goods

New Yandex and Sberbank Marketplace invites producers of children’s goodsYandex and Sberbank have taken part in Mir Detstva for the first time. They presented their new joint project Beru Marketplace to the participants.

As distinct from Yandex.Market which is a ground for prices comparison and search for goods, and which readdresses the customers to the sellers’ websites, Beru is a marketplace where one can choose different goods and order their delivery. This allows controlling over purchasing experience and orders execution by the sellers.

Although the marketplace was launched only four months ago and operates in the beta mode testing regime, it embraces a large number of goods categories: electronics, health and beauty products, home and garden products, foodstuffs, pets’ supplies, etc. The project is attractive for manufacturers since it allows selling their goods directly to end users without any agents. The seller himself places its products at the marketplace, manages prices and a product range, watches sales and conversion statistics, and gets feedback. All the goods presented at Beru are concentrated in the partners’ fulfillment center of Yandex.Market, and thus guarantees the delivery of goods to the customers.

Anton Smirnov, Beru Project Goods for Children Product Category Director, informed that the marketplace plans to present a full product range of children’s goods: from diapers and foodstuffs to children’s clothes and furniture. “We’d like to build up a full format store; however, every process has its stages, and it is necessary to start with something. So, we took a very simple decision: we’d like to start with the goods for new born babies. And if now we can offer a good assortment of goods for the mothers who have just given birth to babies, then afterwards we’ll be able to further develop the product range alongside with the growth of their children. We’ll grow together with them,” Anton Smirnov commented.

The manufacturers of the goods for children demonstrated a great interest in this project at the Mir Detstva exhibition: not only the large market players, but also small companies offering limited product line-ups.

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