Bunny Hill and Maileg® support family values

Bunny Hill and Maileg<sup>®</sup> support family valuesMaileg®, a Danish brand, mesmerized the exhibition visitors with its touching nature and quality. Bunny Hill, an online shop for designer toys and interior design items for kids’ rooms, presents the brand at the exhibition and in Russia. Co-founders of the company Julia Volkova and Uliana Kolesnikova told about special features of the brand and about their plans.

“We have already been working with Maileg® for four years, and this year we became their exclusive distributor. The brand has been in the market for almost 20 years. It was founded by a family couple Dorthe and Eric Mailil. The brand’s product range features charming toys and accessories for children, and also items from season collections dedicated to Christmas and Easter. All Maileg® products are defined by nostalgic details. The manufacturers are very attentive to the choice of materials: cotton, wood, linen, and metal.

“There are clothes, accessories, furniture for our characters, all in romantic design. These charming textile beasties can pretend to become real family valuables which will be passed over to the next generations of little dreamers. The best selling items are mice in matchboxes. Every mouse has its own little blanket and a little pillow. The collections are new every time, one can collect them and pass over to new generations. We have customers who have been collecting them over years, and they probably have more products than we keep in our warehouse now.

The brand has more than 1,600 retail outlets around the world; it is popular in America and in England as a warm-hearted accessory, an addition to the main purchase. Our customers are very different from very small to large stores. Here, at the exhibition, we have found many new customers including chain stores; these are the retail chains which have demonstrated great interest in our products. In particular, we have signed a contract with Republic, a retail book store chain.