Best Brands represents leading brands from USA, UK and Germany

Best Brands represents leading brands from USA, UK and GermanyBest Brands is a newcomer to the exhibition; the company’s portfolio contains only original products from the world’s best manufacturers of hair accessories: Tangle Teezer and Invisibobble scrunchies.

It is the first time Best Brands takes part in the exhibition for children; however, it is very important since the company plans to develop and promote a line-up of goods for children in the future. Chain stores and specialized shops are the main customers of the company. Today, one can see the products of Best Brand in Winny and Kangaroo stores; and participation in the exhibition has significantly expanded their partner ties including regions of Russia.

The main advantages of Tangle Teezer brush styles are their convenient sizes and low weight. The brush has a specific feature: while combing the hair it massages the head. Tangle Teezer brush has a unique unusual incurved design. The incurved form allows brushing hair from its roots to the end. The brush is made of quality natural material which does not harm the hair structure, does not stretch it, out and does not pull the hair out. The line-up for children was represented by small size brushes with lids and designer prints with merry characters.

Invisibobble scrunchies is the second brand presented by the company. The secret of the maximal comfort of Invisibobble is its unusual form: a circled telephone cord. This scrunchy was invented by an English student girl who simply winded up her long hair with a cord. She started to develop her idea because she felt all the advantages of this kind of accessory: the hair tail was fixed well, the head did not ache, and the hair was not pulled too tight. Today a spring-scrunchy is presented in the market: its edges are ideally smooth, it is water resistant, and it perfectly holds the hair. The girls of different ages have already appreciated the advantages of this accessory.