Orange Box: the exhibition brightest debut

Orange Box: the exhibition brightest debutThere have always been a lot of visitors to this stand during the exhibition; even if it was situated in the very end of the lowest part of Hall 4. You couldn’t help noticing it not only due to the house color, but also because of funny cartoon sounds produced by the goods presented by Orange Box, the exhibition newcomer.

Company Head Sergey Alekseev told us about the advantages of the products presented at the exhibition and about the plans of the company for the near future.

“We determined the main target of our company during its foundation: our products must make people smile, both children and adults! How can we make it? How can we reach the wow effect? We brought to the exhibition our Bluetooth collection: the sound speakers adorned with cartoon images of pandas or pets, and they produce funny cartoon sounds. We have seven characters in this line-up: Kitty, Bucks, Mouse, Yolk, Casper, and Rocky Bulldog. All these are Bluetooth-speakers which a child or an adult (why not?) can carry on a lace while walking outdoors with friends to listen to his/her favorite music. The speakers can be connected to any smart phone without any wires. Despite the small size of the speakers, the sound is quite powerful and clear. We can make the form and design of the speakers to measure in accord with customers’ orders. The minimum order is 2,000 pieces.

“The second line-up which we offer is presented by indestructible cars, rollover cars, you can even step on them, and nothing will happen. They are not available in Russia yet. In September we expect these cars to arrive: Lamborghini and Ferrari models of even more attractive design.

“You can buy our products in retail in major online shops: Wildberries, Mamsy, and others. Already on the first day of the exhibition, customers from other online aggregators visited our stand and are prepared to sign contracts.

We got to know about the exhibition, actually, two days before opening, and we got in the last moment; even this morning our designer was still painting the stand as an orange tree. Orange is the color of joy and fun which we are short of in our everyday life. There have been a lot of visitors from Russian regions. We consider our debut at the exhibition successful!