Tchaikovsky Textile: half a million schoolchildren wear uniform made of our fabrics

Tchaikovsky Textile: half a million schoolchildren wear uniform made of our fabrics Tchaikovsky Textile Group today is one of the largest Russian textile enterprises and since 2012 it has been carrying out a large-scale manufacturing modernization project. One of the main focuses of the company, which has 55 years of experience, is to manufacture fabrics for school uniform. Alla Yukhimenko, Business Area Deputy Director, informed about the advantages of the Tchaikovsky Textile products.

Alla, would you please tell us what Tchaikovsky Textile can offer today for manufacturers of school uniform?

“Tchaikovsky Textile is one of major textile producers, and over the past four years we have been developing a line-up of fabrics named Lyceum. It is designed specifically for school uniform and includes fabrics for shirts and suits. Our materials fully conform to State standard GOST and the technical requirements of the Customs Union. Creating these fabrics our designers were focused on their end-user performance. That is why our fabrics are safe, convenient and comfortable for both children and their parents if to speak about care of clothes.”

What materials are used for the Lyceum collection fabrics?

“We used viscose and polyester. Viscose is eco-friendly, it does not cause allergy or irritation, it is breathable and moisture wicking, it has a perfect look after multiple washes, it has strong color permanence, it is easy to clean, and it has plenty of other useful characteristics. For example, it is antistatic and antibacterial: if there is any disease, or skin problems, it is good to wear clothes made of polyviscose fabrics.

“Roskachestvo has regularly tested school uniform in recent years, and the products of our customers made of our Lyceum fabrics have always successfully passed these tests and received experts’ best awards.”

With what enterprises do you cooperate?

“At CJF we show the models of our partners who have already sewn and supplied uniform made of our fabrics. We cooperate with such companies as Smena, Class, Gamma Textile, and others; and we work with Elite making shirts presented at the exhibition. The uniform made of our fabrics can be purchased in retail all around Russia, today there are more than 1,500 sales outlets selling it. This year, taking into account the volume of the fabrics delivered, already around half a million schoolchildren wear clothes made of the Lyceum fabrics collection.”

Are there any fashion trends in this category of fabrics?

“Schools are conservative and they build the standards accordingly, sticking to the business style. However, there are still some fashion trends, for example, cloth grain, color palette, design of companion fabrics, and other trends which we also follow. For example, at the exhibition we presented not just color plain fabrics, but also those with inclusion of elastic fiber. This helps follow the trends of the business style. Blue and grey colors are in the highest demand today, as well as black color for trousers. These are the three colors used by all manufacturers regardless of fashion trends.”