Igramir: product on-shelf in three weeks

Igramir: product on-shelf in three weeksA stuffed toys collection made by Igramir after the Malyshariki cartoon was recognized in 2017 one of the best licensed product line-ups in the Russian market of goods for children. The factory is situated in Saint Petersburg, and such location allows the company to offer short terms of product manufacturing and delivery; the company also has its design bureau which facilitates the order preparation process for customers. Anton Yakovlev, Founder and General Director of Igramir told us about the company in detail.

Anton, what have you brought to the Exhibition?

“We present licensed stuffed toys at Mir Detstva, one of the lines of our business. What is their difference from the toys made by Asian manufacturers? Many companies ordering products from China are first of all tending to save money: the toys will be cheaper due to lower quality and worse detailing, and the smaller sizes minimize delivery costs. We produce toys with maximum detailing, premium class made of high quality materials, fully corresponding to the cartoon characters; and that’s why our customers like our products very much. We work in the middle class plus and premium price categories.”

How many licenses do have in your portfolio? What are they?

“We haven't showcased all our licenses at the exhibition; now we have about ten of them. We prefer the cartoons, games, and images which we like ourselves when choosing licenses. All our licenses are for professionally made cartoons, mainly by the Russian producers: Malyshariki, Drakosha Tosha, Truck Leva, Zhila-Byla Tsarevna, Tima and Toma, Am Nyam, Simon’s Cat, and Yoko. English brand Smiley became a new one for us, well-known smileys.”

Where do you sell your products?

“We work with all major Internet stores and leaders of retail. Our license portfolio is permanently growing, new interesting brands and new models appear. Therefore, large retail chains keep us in the focus of their attention, and we have a lot of negotiations with them.”

Are there toys for New Year in your product range?

“Yes, and every year we produce toy collections with the New Year symbols according to the oriental calendar. The coming year is the year of the Pig. These are exclusive models of our own design.”

Do you also produce toys designed according to the orders of companies?

“Yes, we do, and this line of our business develops even better: we produce corporate stuffed toys designed to the orders of different companies; the minimal lot is 100 items. We became the coolest designers of stuffed toys in Russia because we had been making corporate toys for a long time. The customers often send us very sophisticated drafts, very strange and unusual images which they want us to produce in plush: for example, a merry flush toilet, fantastic creatures like six-eyed eight-headed dragons. Over the time of our work we have produced about 1,800 different toy lots, and every time it was a new model.”

Does it mean you have your own design bureau?

“Yes, of course, we have a large design department right at our office. Our strength is that we can design models very fast and of good quality. We can quickly prepare a sample; we are quick at sewing a lot. Our advertising slogan is ‘Product On-Shelf in Three Weeks.’ Such services cannot be provided by Asian producers, since they have rather a long production cycle and delivery time, and large contracts.”