National School Uniform Standard to be approved

National School Uniform Standard to be approvedThe round table on Development of the National Standard of School Uniform took place at the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade: experts from the industry enterprises, federal authorities, the Education Department, and R&D institutes took part in it.

The round table participants noted that the introduction of school uniform became an effective tool for development of the consumer goods industry in our country. It provided a more effective use of production capacity, a further product range development, and a further modernization. The introduction of the standards became an important aspect providing evaluation of safety of this kind of textile products for manufacturers of textile fabrics for school uniform and for sewing companies and workshops specialising in these products.

“The domestic production industry is strictly monitored by the federal controlling entities”, Alla Yukhimenko, Deputy Business Director of Tchaikovsky Textile Company, underlined. “Only reliable and safe raw materials are used in the manufacturing process. Each stage of the process is under a close control. The imported fabrics are under such a strict control, though. A lot of cheap imported products of dubious quality come to the Russian market. We need the standard, indeed. It will be a clear guideline for parents: what is worth buying for their children and what is not.

Vladimir Pravashinsky, Head of Class & Co. agrees with the above statement. According to him, today manufacturers are under a strict control, although a huge inflow of the counterfeit products is not. However, in his opinion, the introduction of the standard is just a part of the whole complex of the measures to be taken. The price is the key issue in the low income level regions, and rather little attention will be paid to the standard there. There should be market regulation mechanisms in this sphere.

The introduction of the National Standard of school uniform can settle all these matters. This standard should cover, first of all, the textile fabrics characteristics, because the most blatant cases of the hygienic standards violation has been noted in this segment and the fabrics is a key factor in the comfort of school children.