Prato Di Fiori recognized leader among St Petersburg companies

Prato Di Fiori recognized leader among St Petersburg companiesPrato di fiori entered the top five best multi-brand retailers of clothes for children in Russia according to PROFashion Awards, independent professional awards in the fashion industry.

Prato di fiori has been recognized a leader among profile enterprises of St Petersburg and awarded with a medal and the Leader of Russia Federal Certificate for its contribution to the economy of Russia and for establishing high standards of production, implementation of new technologies, efficiency, and support of the international image of the country.

Prato di fiori is an official importer and dealer of European premium and luxury brands of clothes for children in St Petersburg. The first shop of Prato di fiori was opened in 2011 in St Petersburg. The Prairie St Petersburg® brand was presented in 2016 in the Prato di fiori store. The designers of the brand are immaculate in combining classic style and modern trends from the world podiums. The Prairie St Petersburg® collection presents elegance and supreme quality in accordance with the best traditions of St Petersburg.