Sergei Motyshen: Bossa Nova is a popular and favorite brand

Sergei Motyshen: Bossa Nova is a popular and favorite brand A stylish and recognizable design of Bossa Nova is focused on the customers who are familiar with the children’s fashion and who prefer the products made of natural cotton. Bossa Nova meets expectations of the most demanding customers. Sergei Motyshen, General Director of Bossa Nova, shared his view on the results of the year and told about his plans.

– We manufacture clothes for those who appreciate quality and environmental friendliness. Our collections are for children aged 0 to 14 years. We have a sports line-up, underwear, and home clothing. Most of our production facilities are located in the city of Pyatigorsk, Russia. Next year we’ll celebrate the 20th anniversary of our production. Our factory has experienced the second birth; we fully rebuilt and reequipped it to produce knitted goods.

Our brand is well known all around Russia. We have been developing and promoting it for many years. Today, our products are sold in all the major retail chains and in online shops. We have been getting use of every significant trade show in order to promote our brand. We tend to have our products presented in as many big and small towns as possible.

We do our best to produce nice clothes, and we take a full responsibility for our words when we tell our customers that our clothes are of European quality. At present the competition is high, and it mainly concerns the price. For our part, we try to compete for the value of the product. We make our product beautiful and desired. These days, De Luxe, our party collection for the smallest children aged 0 to 1 year has arrived to the retailers. The fabric used in the collection is soft and thick interlock, 100% cotton. There are four models for young princesses adorned with lacework, prints, and diamantes in white and pink colors.

Sergei Motyshen: Bossa Nova is a popular and favorite brand
Sergei Motyshen: Bossa Nova is a popular and favorite brand

Our company has gone a long way. Ten years ago we were suppliers for such big customers as Auchan and X5 Retail Group; we produced mass market clothes for them. Today, we have created our own brands and we are happy with what we are doing. It is always pleasant to make new products of your own, the kind of goods that provoke our customers’ positive emotions.

The only problem that we are facing is that the growth in our production volume is not as fast as we’d like it to be. We are short of qualified sewers and technical engineers. In order to solve the problem, we have organized education and training for our staff at the factory to bring up our own specialists.

At present, we are actively developing business inside our city borders; we still can’t see an opportunity for outsourced manufacturing from the point of view of management. A high level of our corporate culture has formed our common traditions and values. We have created a family atmosphere for our factory personnel and we carefully cherish this tradition.