Leisurewear International will demonstrate real English quality and traditions

Leisurewear International will demonstrate real English quality and traditionsLeisurewear International Limited, an English company from Manchester, will present their collection of clothes for children for the first time at the spring exhibition. The company owns several well-known brands and this spring Minoti®, clothes for boys and girls aged up to 14 years, will be presented to customers.

The clothes come as a capsule collection, supplied on the plastic racks, all items packed separately in plastic packages. Every season Minoti® designs and produces 800 models of clothes, from casual to elegant styles. The collection is divided into series of 9 to 12 models. The items from one series can be matched according to the style, or can be combined with models from other series.

The designers use three kinds of fabrics in Minoti® clothing: cotton, synthetic fabric, and mixed. The brand invests into the latest technological innovations in the textile industry. Every new collection always presents new fabrics.

The technical engineers at the factories control safety of the trimming and accessories used in clothes. Due to convenient zipping, buttons, and snap fasteners, Minoti® clothes are comfortable to put on and to take off.

Pavilion No.3, Stand 3B60