Aleksandra Kamanina: stylish already in kindergarten

Aleksandra Kamanina: stylish already in kindergartenTrends Making Sales – this is the name of a trend tour which will take place within the supporting program on the 27th of February; it will be organised by WunderLook Laboratory of Style and Fashion Magazine, a multi-channel fashion platform and Expocentre AO. Aleksandra Kamanina, the founder of WunderLook Laboratory of Style, told us about the topics of the trend tour and about her own experience in image making for children and teenagers.

Aleksandra is a leading stylist and image-maker in Moscow. Her portfolio includes image-making for creative studio of Bari Alibasov, Prime-Minister music band, Melon Rich and Megapolis magazines, The Voice – Children TV program, and other ‘star’ projects.

– You are famous for image-making and styling for adults. What is your interest in the sphere of the children’s fashion? In your opinion, what is the difference between the fashion for children and for adults?

– It happened that I came into the spotlight by image-making and styling in the business environment, although I have got rather a great experience with children and juniors: The Voice- Children Project, my own training projects in styling for juniors, I also have made staging and styling of children’s photos, etc. Therefore, the world of the children’s fashion will not be new to me; it will rather be the sphere I’d like to work in with pleasure.

There has been a common opinion in our society that only adult people need image and style, and that there can’t be personal stylists for children; however, it’s a mistake: there is a lot of children among my customers. Many children are preoccupied with their image already from kindergarten times. There’s a trend among teenage school children to have a personal stylist; they want to look stylish and unique, especially during the pubertal growth stage.

The fashion for children is pretty much the same as for adults: there are the same trends in colors, forms, textures, and prints.

– What are the key points when choosing clothes for children, what do we have to pay our priority attention to: the brand, the style, the quality?

– When choosing clothes for children, the key points are the same as for adults: the customers’ choice is individual; it depends on social status, intellectual and moral perception and approach. Someone puts the prestige factor in the first place, someone follows the fashion trends, and someone prefers quality and comfort. As for me, it would be more correct to rank the priority factors as follows: functionality, quality, comfort, style, and fashion. However, this is only my opinion based on my own professional and parent experience and I prefer to leave the choice to my customers.

– Your trend tour will be dedicated to the main trends which provide the highest sales. In your opinion, who’ll be the most interested party and to whom it would be the most useful to take part in it?

– When making a fashionable wardrobe for my customers, I have encountered a consistent pattern: some trends become their favorite at once, and some don’t. The customers are quite cautious towards the ultrafashionable items which have newly arrived in stores; initially they reject such items and criticize them; and only some time later the customers can take such items into their wardrobe mixing with the other clothing they are accustomed to. My trend tour will be dedicated to the main trends of the current and coming seasons; and also I’ll explain how to catch and understand a wave of customers’ choice. I’ll share my experience in discovering the psychological factors which influence customers’ choice, and I’ll open the secrets of a stylish presentation of various clothing items to get effective sales. It will be useful for those who build their business on the sales of the clothes for children, and to those who are interested to see the children’s fashion from the point of view of end consumers.