15:30–16:00 | Pavilion No.3, Children’s Catwalk

The world football star will present a sportswear collection

The world football star will present a sportswear collectionThe Russian premiere of Monta Juniors by Edgar Davids, a brand of sportswear for children, will take place on February 25-26. On February 25, the famous Dutch football player Edgar Davids will be personally presenting a new collection of his brand.

All the themes of the collection were inspired by the memories of the sportsman of his childhood and football. The items of the collection carry the idea of comfort and pleasure: comfortable sports trousers, T-shirts, jackets, sweatshirts. Monta Juniors collection also presents a wide variety of sports accessories, which perfectly complement the main line-up of clothing.

The world football star will present a sportswear collection “In the old times, me and my friends started from the street football; that was a whole world with its own laws and, of course, its own fashion,” Edgar Davids comments. “That was not just sports clothing, that was a way of life. We discovered and used sports leggings in our sport outfit. Four our sports idols started wearing our uniform, and then we started thinking of a line-up for children since children tend to imitate adults. This is how this collection came to life. It is more than sport; it is a football way of life. Children put these clothes on when they go to school; they play beach football with these clothes on.

Davids started his football career in 1991; his debut was in Ajax (Amsterdam) Club. Over the years of his career he also was part of such teams as Juventus, Milan, and Barcelona.