Best commercial offers available at Chains Procurement Center

The Chains Procurement Center organised by the Imperia Congress and Exhibition Company and supported by Expocentre AO will start its operations at 11:00 on February 26, 2019. It will be possible to find out all the details on the supplies to the retailers by personal negotiations with 20+ retail chains; and the experts of the Chains Procurement Center will give advice on where it would be more profitable to sell the goods for children in 2019.

The guest experts from Dochki-Synochki retail chain, Yandex.Market, BERU!, Digital Ad Hoc, GfK Rus, Familia, and OZON will be the speakers at the analytical session dedicated to future perspectives of the market of clothes for children in 2019.

Best commercial offers available at Chains Procurement Center

What sales channels for children’s goods will bring the maximum profit in 2019? Please see below the experts’ opinions:

Anton Smirnov, Yandex.Market:

“The emergence of the marketplaces in Russia provides an opportunity for suppliers to work directly with end customers and this is a solution for the small ones to enter the store shelves of the big ones.

What Yandex.Market sees in the development of the goods for children: on the one hand, the average check trends downwards but there are categories where it grows. These are mainly niche categories, not the mainstream, not the diapers… Focus on a wider product range, look for many interesting niches, and make experiments at our platform using it as a platform for prices comparison and as a sales platform for various products.”

Alyona Vasyagina, Nielsen:

“Although the prices in the online are in average 5-10% lower than in the offline, the purchases of the FMCG categories of goods for children via the Internet trend to be more premium. The online shops offer more expensive product items and brands which are not available from classic sales outlets while the offline shops put their stake on their own product brands and promotion for smaller budget shoppers.

For example, the average price for a pack of diapers in the online shop in the first half of 2018 was 1,040 rubles, while it was 610 rubles in the offline shops. The biggest price difference among the largest categories of the products for children was noted in the category of the baby wipes: the customers would pay 134 rubles for one pack online, and 58 rubles in the offline shops.”

Many companies have confirmed their participation in the Chains Procurement Center, among them Auchan, Yarkiy Shop for Childhood, SELA, Ozon, Familia, Hits Kids, Mamsy, Kangaroo, Votonia, Bubble Gum, etc.

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