Pavilion No.1, Presentation Area, 11:00–13:00

Mother at Work training brings success

Mother at Work training brings successThe Mother at Work multi training for mothers on maternity leave will take place on February, 28 within the supporting program of the exhibition. The training is held by the Women’s Business Center with the support of the Moscow Department of Labour and Social Protection.

The subjects of the training were determined on the basis of the vote on the Active Citizen online portal; the topics will be mainly connected with social and psychological adaptation of women on maternity leave.

An interesting and rather a unique format was chosen for the training: it is composed of a lecture part and a practical implementation of the received knowledge in a business game. The project will help the training participants gauge their strength; they will receive information on the ways to recuperate their skills. They will also be able to embrace the techniques of time planning, get advice on how to successfully balance the work with their family responsibilities, and they will get advice on how to make up a new image.

Leading experts from various fields will take part in the training: Elena Isay, psychologist and coach of the Women’s Business Center, a drama therapist; Elena Baida, a consulting psychologist, a system family psychotherapist; Nana Ledneva, a consulting psychologist, a drama therapist, and the founder of PsychoFAQ. Meaningful Clothes®; Sandra Fleischer, an expert in project design and development, a journalist, and a musicologist; Tatiana Bondarenko, the founder and the head of IDEA-class, an image-stylist, an author of trainings and master classes on style, a producer of creative projects, the authoress of the book Looking for Women’s Happiness: a Story of a Transformation.

The training is free of charge, please register over the telephone +7 (499) 782-77-68 or click link: