Sports festival at the Children’s Catwalk of the exhibition

Sports festival at the Children’s Catwalk of the exhibitionSportswear models catwalk with participation of the children’s agency of Slava Zaitsev Fashion House and young girls athletes became an outstanding event of the spring CJF exhibition. The arrival of maestro at the show was a real sensation! On the same day, Edgar Davids, a football star from the Netherlands, held a presentation of Monta Juniors®, his own brand of sports clothing.

Slava Zaitsev Children’s Fashion Agency and the representatives of the Olympic Reserve School, young girls gymnasts, the winners and medalists of the international championships and of Moscow championship, became the partners of the presentation.

Sports festival at the Children’s Catwalk of the exhibition There has never happened such a flamboyant and exciting event at CJF! There was a real gala performance of callisthenic exercises at the catwalk. The girls demonstrated real wonders in plasticity and stretching. The most eye-catching show was made in costumes presented for the catwalk by CHERSA®. The company manufactures clothes and shoes for sports and dancing both individually and for groups, in various colors, with printed logos and brands of the customers.

Slava Zaitsev Children’s Fashion Agency and the representatives of the Olympic Reserve School presented two collections of BELKINA® brand. The HIP-HOP Collection, made on the basis of the clothes for street dancing, really brought down the house. The young and charming models of the agency demonstrated all the distinction of this clothing. Bathing suits decorated with guipure became the kicker of the collection. Bathing suits with chiffon skirts and branded bowknots immediately attracted attention of little buyers and their parents.

The Monta Juniors® collection presented the models that communicated the ideas of comfort and pleasure: comfortable sports trousers, t-shirts, jackets a la street graffiti. The product range also presents sports accessories which perfectly add up the main line-up of the clothes. Pit-bull® sneakers (this was the nickname given to Davids by the fans for his aggressive playing style) have light damping soles with enforced heel parts, light-reflecting laces and small elements for the games during the night time.

After the show, we asked the main celebrities to share their opinions.

Slava Zaitsev,

“It is for the first time that the children from our model agency take part in the CJF Children's Catwalk. I was pleased to see so many interesting collections, original solutions, prints, despite the fact that there is a problem with materials and technologies. But having walked through the exhibition, I saw a lot of interesting ideas. It is great that we have enthusiasts who are so actively involved in children's fashion. I also decided to start working with children. I think we are having very interesting results.”

Edgar Davids,

“This is my first time at the exhibition and in Russia in general. For me it was very important to personally present a collection of clothes that are already on sale in many countries. Monta Juniors® is a lifestyle that people begin to form in childhood; it is a lifestyle of people who, as a child, chase a ball in the yard. This is not just a sport, it is an image.

“We tended to include the items that would be suitable for any role, for any game, and at the same time would be perfectly matched with each other. You can be today a striker, a defender, a goalkeeper, a fan, and tomorrow you can change your role with a friend, but at the same time you will always look stylish. Street wear should be practical, and at the same time expressive. It should be comfortable to wear and easy to care for. I hope that today we managed to convey the emotions and aura of the street football.”