Customers highly appreciated Superfit® shoes

Customers highly appreciated Superfit<sup>®</sup> shoesThere were two well-known shoe brands presented at the PRISMA stand: Pablosky® (Spain) and Superfit® (Austria). These brands have become the synonyms of such concepts as proper shoes and children’s feet care. Valeria Semina, the company manager, spoke about the new shoe collection.

“Superfit® is an innovative European trend-setter, especially in the sports segment. The company has been successfully cooperating with orthopedists for a long time. All shoes ensure healthy and correct growth of children's feet, and their harmonious development. The brand has its own production with strict quality control at all stages. In Russia, the shoes of this brand are quite popular. Today, there are many manufacturers who are trying to copy or do the same, but it does not work. Footwear production is a high-tech process that needs decades of experience, and the buyers see the difference between the brand and a counterfeit item at once.

“If parents want to ensure a proper development of their child and choose comfortable shoes, they will certainly choose a reliable and a proven brand. I am a shoe designer by education and I am a mother, so I am very attentive selecting the shoes. My child wears only these shoes; I work with it, and I highly appreciate it.

“Superfit® is very actively using Gortex®. This is a well-proven, patented production of high quality membranes. On the one hand, it provides impermeability; on the other hand it is breathable. In the collection presented at the exhibition, there are four categories of membranes for various temperature regimes from thin ones for sports shoes up to warm combined with a warm lining, which allows you to wear these shoes at temperatures below zero. This footwear is warm, durable, and waterproof. It is very important for children's shoes.

“We are happy with customers’ appreciation of the collections that we presented. We have our partners who have been working with us for a long time, but this spring new visitors came to the stand who are just entering the market of children's footwear. We will be glad to cooperate with everyone!”