Skandia® guarantees warmth and impermeability in the hardest frost

Skandia<sup>®</sup> guarantees warmth and impermeability in the hardest frostSkandia®, a popular footwear brand, celebrates its 40th anniversary this year! The brand was founded in Italy in 1979. Over the past years, the company has strengthened its positions including the Russian market, and today it has become one of the leaders in the children’s footwear market. The company presented its autumn/winter 2019-2020 collection at the exhibition.

The new collection of the brand offers an ideal solution for a big city. The brand’s secret of success is the specific individual technology designed especially for Skandia footwear, including Skandia Tex®, a unique membrane which makes the winter boots not only warm but also very comfortable. Such boots can withstand extremely low temperatures. The feet of the child will always stay dry and warm: both at +5 in slush, and down to -25 below zero. Besides, all the models of this collection are equipped with three-ply inner soles, plus they have special thick outer soles made of innovative multi-component polyurethane which is elastic and flexible even under minus 30 degrees temperature!

The line-product up for boys and girls presented at the Exhibition showed new décor elements, new technique of aquarelle prints application, and fur trims and ribbons.