Elena Pismenskaya: we reduce risks and develop new sales channels

Elena Pismenskaya: we reduce risks and develop new sales channelsElena Pismenskaya, the founder of Kids Fashion Retail Consulting Agency, a permanent expert of the exhibition, held two seminars. The first one was on prices, taxes, promotion and how to make profit and the second one on loyalty programs. Besides, Elena agreed to be our stand expert and shared her impressions on the trade show as a whole.

“The exhibition appeared very diverse. For three days I was studying the details of the presented collections. I have encountered many familiar brands including a large pool of Polish manufacturers. I have just returned from Kids Time Exhibition held in Poland where I studied Polish brands of children’s clothes, and it was nice to see them at the CJF exhibition.

“There were many interesting brands in Pavilion No.3. Such a high interest towards the Russian market on the part of European manufacturers was pleasant although they are serious competitors for our domestic manufacturers.

“I can point out a number of interesting brands among the Russian manufacturers such as, for example, Smile® from Yaroslav making soft shell clothes, Mamma Mila®, a factory from Kemerovo making overcoats for girls, and Naslednik Vyzhanova ® clothing brand from Lipetsk. I am glad that the companies have occupied their market niche actively developing their business.

“This year, unfortunately, the falling birth-rate trend is continuing, and the income per capita is decreasing, and this will bring the market to an even more difficult situation. In order to survive, it is necessary to build up economic effectiveness of every product line-up, reduce risks in manufacturing of new collections, and develop new sales channels.

“Today, I would recommend concentrating on making original products and enlarging the product range using interesting collaboration and game elements. Strong products will survive anyway and will allow keeping and increasing the number of loyal customers; and this will bring success.”