Dmitry Sukharev: we’ve created stylish wardrobe for little fashionmongers

Dmitry Sukharev: we’ve created stylish wardrobe for little fashionmongersSeveral new collections were presented at once at the Zolotoy Gus (Golden Goose) company stand this spring. Each of them deserved a high appreciation of visitors: new models of school uniform, new products for newborn babies, and more. Dmitry Sukharev, the company’s Art Director, spoke about some features of new collections.

“When creating a common concept and design of the brand, our company conducted a large-scale study of the children's clothing market and analysis of consumer needs. The main goal was to create and release collectors’ clothes for children. Thus, we have created an offer of fashionable and wholesome wardrobe for the youngest fashionmongers: from birth up to 3 years of age.

“Basic Kids, a designer collection, which our customers love and know well, has been released in an updated version this season. A yellow-grey color palette and designer accents in the form of stylish accents and original prints with funny characters have become the main features of the brand.

“An exciting journey around the three fashion capitals of the world – Milan, Paris, and London – has become the main idea of the new collection named Basic Travel.

“When updating collections, a special attention is paid to adapting the design to the age peculiarities of the children. In the line-up there is a category for the children up to three years old, and for the babies up to six months of age.

Dmitry Sukharev: we’ve created stylish wardrobe for little fashionmongers
Dmitry Sukharev: we’ve created stylish wardrobe for little fashionmongers

“There is one more project which we presented in spring: Russian Fairy Tales, an exclusive aquarelle design collection of clothes for new born babies and little children. Colorful illustrations and figures of favorite characters after favorite fables of Ivan Krylov and other tales will touch the feelings of both parents and children.

“Our visitors also appreciated Masha and the Bear licensed clothes printed with the figures of the loved characters from the popular cartoon. The collection is represented by three line-ups for girls: Light Pink Story, Magenta Story, and Sky Blue Story. There is also a large product range of Masha and the Bear decorative pillows: these are classic square pillows with colorful prints of the characters, and pillows shaped as various images of Masha and the Bear. There are also two collections for boys: Steel Blue Story and Ultramarine Story.

“For all our collections we use fabrics produced in Europe only: this guarantees quality and comfort of the products. We pay special attention to garment accessories, trimmings, and decorative elements which help making up a finished stylish image.

“All the collections are composed of items of clothing of sizes 104-122 that can easily match each other in style and color; these products harmoniously combine thorough cut, perfect tailoring and the quality of natural materials. The ideas of color composition formed the basis of the collections, and favorite characters added rainbow accents and a cheerful mood, plunging little customers into a fairy tale with funny adventures, vivid fantasies, and lively laughter.”