Stellar: a coeval of the exhibition celebrates its anniversary

      !Stellar, a coeval of our exhibition, also celebrates its 25th anniversary this year. Today, Stellar is among the top three domestic leaders in the production of plastic toys. The product range of toys manufactured by the company contains more than 450 articles.

The company is actively growing and developing. In 2000-2001 Japanese, American, Swiss as well as domestic metalworking machines were purchased. The company organised its own tool workshop. Today, Stellar manufactures high precision and high-speed tools of excellent quality for production of parts for plastic toys. At the same time, the company does not produce tools for third party organisations, since manufacturing of its own molds has been planned for more than a year in advance.

To create a high quality product, a team of professional designers works in close cooperation with child psychologists and teachers. The toys by Stellar help little explorers of the world to learn it in all its diversity. The first toys produced in the factory were the block set and the ABC cubes. In September, at the company's stand at the exhibition, the visitors will be able to see both the first models and their modern, modified analogues. We are sending congratulations to the colleagues on the anniversary, and we are looking forward to meet them again!