Svyatoslav Sokirko: success at the exhibition from the first time

Svyatoslav Sokirko: success at the exhibition from the first timeSens Fashion is an example of how a family studio turned into a Russian brand of school uniform manufacturer. Since 2015, the company annually produces and sells about 100,000 high-quality products at an affordable price. Svyatoslav Sokirko, Director of the Tyumen branch of the company, who represented the brand at the exhibition, spoke in more detail about the collection, and about the plans of the company.

– For Sens Fashion this is the first experience of participating in events on this scale. Basically, we present models of school uniforms for both younger and senior schoolchildren. The quality of the produced models is distinguished by durability and functionality, conservative and dignified style. But at the same time, there are no similar and boring collections. Our designers managed to strike the right balance, so all the products look quite modern and elegant. We also have designed models for children with non-standard figures. Therefore, everyone can find the right fit.

Until recently, we worked in retail with the end customers, and now we are expanding our production capacity and we have prepared a very good offer for wholesale customers. Therefore, we decided to participate in the exhibition of this level and we were right! We have received a very good feedback from the visitors, and we have found many new customers.

Svyatoslav Sokirko: success at the exhibition from the first time

We manufacture school uniform in the Republic of Kazakhstan, in the city of Petropavlovsk, and we also opened a branch in Tyumen. In our production we use polyviscose, wool mixture, mainly fabrics of our Russian manufacturers. If we use imported fabrics, then we ourselves carry out certification in Astana.

– What are the most significant events for the company?

- The launch of office clothes and clothes for school teachers was one of the most significant events in the past year for us. Also, every year we tend to introduce new fabrics and accessories into the production of school uniform. We are improving the model line-up as well as expanding the product range.

В 2019 году мы запланировали существенное расширение штата сотрудников, в связи с увеличением направлений по Тюменской и другим областям. С каждым годом мы привлекаем к сотрудничеству все больше школ. На сегодняшний день компания Sens Fashion успешно осуществляет деятельность по реализации продукции в нескольких сотнях школ России и Казахстана.