School products manufacturing cluster to emerge in Ryazan region

School products manufacturing cluster to emerge in Ryazan regionThe Ministry of Economic Development of Russia has reviewed applications for participation in industrial and technology parks for small and medium-sized businesses. A total of 48 applications from 25 regions have been considered. The establishment of an industrial park specialising in the production of goods for school and office has become one of the approved projects (The Pencil Industrial Park in Lesnoy, a single-industry town in the Ryazan region).

The project cost is estimated at more than 600 million rubles. The project is focused on the substitution of the import of stationery products from Europe and Southeast Asia; it has a large export potential, and it allows diversifying the economy of the single-industry town, creating a new growth point in the region.

The proximity to the Moscow region, one of the largest markets in Russia, is an additional advantage of the formation of an industrial park in Lesnoy, a single-industry town.

The Lesnoy Territory of Advanced Socio-Economic Development (TASED) is one of the most promising centres of economic growth in the region. Taking into account the specialisation of the industrial park in the production of the goods for children and stationery for school and office, the relevance of the project corresponds to the Development Strategy of the Children's Goods Industry for the period up to 2020.