Travel box by Sotvorelki®: a magic wand for travelers!
Stand 22B80

Travel box by Sotvorelki®: a magic wand for travelersGamma Trading House presents a new series of learning kits from Sotvoryelki®, a domestic brand with which any, even a very long trip with children turns into an easy, enjoyable, and exciting journey.

The Travel Box for Travelers series consists of seven topical kits and is suitable for boys and girls from 5 years old. There are Pets (CTB-03), Sweets (CTB-05), Transport (CTB-06), Space (CTB-02), Dinosaurs (CTB-07), Adventures of Monsters (CTB-04), and Fairy-Tale World (CTB-01).

Each set contains a coloring album of 30 sheets of a convenient format (A5), high-quality colored pencils, colored stickers on the subject (13 pcs.) packed in a reusable box. You can use it during your trip as a stand, and later as a case for storing little things.

The Travel Box for Travelers develops imagination, fine motor skills of hands, and patience. In addition to coloring, our talented kids are invited to do puzzles and complete various tasks for attentiveness and ingenuity.

During the holiday season, on the train, in the car, on the plane, or just traveling, such a set will help the whole family: the children will be busy with interesting and useful work, and the parents will save time, nerves, and money.