Robotics: the future has arrived

Robotics: the future has arrivedThe seminar on Robotics and Neuroscience: Technology Integration as a Practice of the Future will take place on September 26 within the Supplementary Education Day. The seminar will be held by Natela Greylich, Robotrek OOO General Director.

The seminar participants will discuss the call for studies of high technologies in supplementary education, and the ways of arranging the studies of high technologies in an entertaining and useful way.

Natela will talk about the experience in integrative learning on the example of robotics and neuro-technology. She will give examples of modern neuro- and educational systems as a basis for future practices.

The ROBOTICS educational module is included in the modular educational program STEM-education of preschool children and primary school children from 4 to 17 years.

“It is no coincidence that we came to the children's industry,” Natela Greylich says, “because we see a great potential in this industry. One of the slogans of our company is “We teach the profession of the future today!” The first steps in the industry were not easy. We started as partners of a leading Korean robotics company, and now we ourselves have become developers. We develop competencies for children in physics, mathematics, and robotics. We have educational and methodological systems that help master additive technologies and neuro-technologies. We aim to orient the child in the areas that will be actively sought after in the near future. We are a company with a multifaceted approach, and we not only develop training courses and technologies, but we also accompany the implementation of these technologies into the educational process. We have more than 140 clubs for innovative technologies and robotics. I think that it will be interesting for colleagues to get acquainted with our examples of educational sets, as well as with the trends and prospects of the integrative education.”