Georgy Alayski: the whole world in one globe

Georgy Alayski: the whole world in one globeGloben, which traditionally demonstrates study guides for geography and wonderful globes at the exhibition, this time, will also present their GlobenPlast plastic molding services. Georgy Alaysky, the General Director of the company, spoke about interesting innovations that Globen would bring to the exhibition and about the company development.

“Each Mir Detstva edition is a real festival for us. Here we meet our partners, get feedback on our products. This year we have prepared a surprise for everyone again. We will present several new products at the exhibition (an interactive globe, interactive maps, children's atlas) and we will inform about our new project: GlobenPlast, a company that we established for plastic products molding.

Georgy Alayski: the whole world in one globe “We have realised that the time has come for modern technologies in the market for map products, too. A globe and a map are primarily teaching aids. At the same time, the augmented reality function works effectively in education. With its help, every child can go on a space journey and take a closer look at the planets of the solar system, conquer the mountain peaks of the Himalayas, sink to the bottom of the Mariana Trench, and get acquainted with rare animals. If some interesting information about all these objects is told to the child at the same time, the educational potential of the globes and the maps will increase significantly.

“We have successfully implemented all these ideas in our interactive globe. Using a smartphone or tablet, such a globe can easily be turned into a visual interactive encyclopedia: here you can revive an interested animal, visit world attractions, launch a rocket into space and do many, many more interesting things. We were very careful in the preparation of the text for the interactive globe. We tended to select the most important, and at the same time interesting and reliable facts about the world around us and to inform our children in the most entertaining ways. The characters of our interactive globe do it very well: Arisha, an erudite girl, and her curious younger brothers Tyoma and Mitya, and their pets, Astor the dog and Iriska the cat.

Georgy Alayski: the whole world in one globe

“By the way, these characters will tell the children via our mobile application for our geographical maps about our planet, space, starry sky, the flora and the fauna of the Earth, the 195 countries of the world, and the major world attractions. The application is free, and it will support most of our maps. The applications for the globe and for the maps are very similar: they have a common style and the same characters; however, the content is slightly different. We are going to demonstrate all the features of our interactive globe and maps at the exhibition.

“Many of our partners already know that last year we opened our own Globen Publishing House. At the exhibition, everyone will be able to browse through our first children’s atlas “The World around You”. The atlas addresses primarily the preschoolers and the primary school children, so we made it bright, colorful and interesting. It has many illustrations, entertaining tasks and, of course, stories about space, stars, natural phenomena, climate, great pioneers and much more.

“Besides the new products that we will present at the exhibition, we are pleased to inform that this year we opened another, a completely new business: GlobenPlast, custom plastic molding. Initially, we created GlobenPlast for our own needs: to manufacture plastic components for our globes. The quality of our plastic has already been highly appreciated by our partners not only in Russia but also throughout the world. Therefore, we realised that we were ready to open a molding workshop. In 2010, when we just launched the production of globes, it was much more profitable to order molded plastic parts outside of Russia. Now the situation in the market has changed, and today we are ready to offer our customers high quality plastic molding services with a reasonable production time and, most importantly, at an affordable price. You can evaluate it now by ordering a free calculation of the molding cost on our website, and we will tell you more about our services in person at the upcoming exhibition. We will be glad to meet you at the Mir Detstva exhibition!