Industry News

Baby Opt Group will launch toys under the BabyRiki brand

In the first quarter of 2020, Baby Opt Group is planning to launch new products on the market - an interactive toy for toddlers, created under the BabyRiki license based on the bestseller by ALILO - bunny model R1. A toy in the shape of a Krashy will be on sale first, then Rosy will appear on the market. During 2020, other characters will be added. ALILO toys with BabyRiki will go on sale in online stores, such as,,,,,,, etc.

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KISU®: clothes to feel warm even in the Far North

KISU® is a young Russian brand of children’s outerwear created jointly with Finnish designers and technologists. Winter and demi-season jackets, trousers, overalls, coats, hats, mittens, gloves designed for the harsh Russian climate were presented at the exhibition.

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Gala Centre expands the product range for children

Gala Centre, a large trading platform, presented a wide range of products for children at the exhibition. There are two completely new product lines: Three Cats licensed products and an exclusive product line-up of children’s poems and songs by Ilya Reznik, a popular poet.

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UNONA demonstrated a New Year collection

UNONA D’art, a Novosibirsk company, delighted the customers with a new collection of elegant dresses and showed eco-friendly home clothing. The company participates in the exhibition regularly and each new collection means new design solutions.

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Exhibition Life

Imperia CEC gathered suppliers and retailers under one roof

This year, for the first time, the Russian Trade Forum for Retail Suppliers was co-located with the Purchasing Centre for Retail Chains, which became the central discussion platforms that brought together leading players in the FMCG market for food / non-food categories to discuss the issues of interaction between retailers and suppliers.

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Regulatory authorities and manufacturers will fight counterfeit products together

For the second time over the history of the exhibition, the conference on Specifics of Certification and Labeling of Goods and Garments for Children was held; it aroused great interest among the exhibitors. Svetlana Kvasova, General Director of the AntiCounterfeit International Association, spoke about the results of the autumn seminar.

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Directors Club

Andrey Bakhmetyev, Znatok®: to reduce the gap between school and life

There is a boom in engineering and construction kits for children in Russia and all around the world. The process of assembling the parts of toys with your own hands is useful for the self-development of children, and at the same time, it can have a learning component. The co-owner of Znatok® brand and the chief designer of its construction and engineering kits, Andrey Bakhmetyev, known as the TV-host of the Crazy Hands section in the TV show “While Everyone is Home,” knows how to teach children through play, and how to captivate them with science.

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Olesya Agassi: LB® combines quality, creativity, and affordability

There is an eye-catching slogan "Russian manufacturer of unusual children’s tights and socks" on the website of this company. This brand is evidently unusual: everything from packaging to trade stands and the exhibition booths is made in their corporate distinguishing style. Olesya Agassi, the Head of the company, spoke about the features of the presented collection.

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Lyudmila Rukina: proprietary technologies of Airis-Press have brought up several generations

Airis-Press produces educational games for children from a very young age, manuals for schoolchildren, and books to help teachers and parents. This publishing house is a regular participant in the Mir Detstva exhibition. Lyudmila Rukina, Airis-Press Director, spoke about the news of the publishing house and the results of the exhibition.

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Svetlana Kryukova: there is love in our toys

TOIME, “Favorite Toy Store”, is a project created in Samara in 2013. The assortment is based on toys made from wood and other eco-materials. Svetlana Kryukova, the company Director, told us how the company was developing its range, and about the plans to scale up the business.

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Children’s Catwalk

Petit Alo®: again at Children’s Catwalk at CJF

Petit Alo®, a young Spanish brand, debuted at the CJF just last year, has already attracted the attention of the visitors; the company presented a trendy collection of casual kids wear. Many of the visitors and exhibitors were interested in the modern design, cheerful spirit, and a wide size grid for children from birth to 16 presented by Petit Alo®.

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