Banda Umnikov (Smart Gang) Publishing House: our advantages are transparency, responsibility, and flexibility

What has changed in the cooperation of suppliers and retail chains during the crisis time? How to negotiate with customers and suppliers when no one has money? Anton Semenov, Commercial Director of Banda Umnikov Publishing House, told about this in detail during an online trading forum.

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Gulliver activates online sales and launches a new project

How did the stop in children's retail business, the fall of the ruble, and the overall retail crisis affect the requests and requirements of the retail chains, especially those specializing in children's fashion? Natalia Ryzhkova, General Director of Gulliver Trading House, told about this during the online conference "Supplier in the retail chain":

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Elena Pismenskaya: the crisis has forced retailers to look for new ways of interacting with the customers

At the end of June, an online trading forum "Suppliers in the retail chains: one step ahead of the children's goods market" was held. It was attended by representatives of children's retail. Elena Pismenskaya, General Director of Kids Fashion Retail Consulting Agency, a permanent expert of our Exhibition, was the moderator of one of the sections. We asked Elena to share her impressions and tell us about the main problems identified by the participants.

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Industry News

Roskachestvo checked baby prams

The Russian quality system (Roskachestvo) published the results of a new study on prams, which has examined 54 models from 42 brands. The first place is now occupied by Nuna Triv, replacing Cybex Eezy S. There are six new models in the top ten.

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Westfalika shoe shops sold 100 000 toys in 5 months

Obuv Rossii Group of Companies, which manages the retail chains of shoe stores Westfalika, Peshekhod, Rossita, Emilia Estra, and Lisette, announced the sales results of 100 thousand children's toys in Westfalika stores. The start of their sales took place in December 2019.

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DNK and Soyuzmultfilm released a joint collection

Russian children's clothing brand DNK has re-released a collection together with Soyuzmultfilm, timed to this legendary animation film studio's birthday celebrated in June.

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Alena Akhmadullina and Happy Baby have designed a children's collection

Russian brands Alena Akhmadullina and Happy Baby presented a joint collection of children's clothing and interior items. For Alena Akhmadullina, this is the first experience of working in the children's segment, and for one of the most famous Russian children's brands — the first experience of collaboration.

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PROSTO Toys has launched the sales of "The Cold Heart" cartoon character' figures

In June, a series of figures based on the Disney cartoon "The Cold Heart", designed and produced by the Russian company PROSTO Toys, came on sale.

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Directors Club

Roman Khramov: Novye Gorizonty (New Horizons) Company promptly responds to the requests of children and teenagers of today

For more than 20 years, Novye Gorizonty (New Horizons) Company has been designing and creating outdoor play spaces using classic, urban, interactive, and sports grounds. During this time, more than four thousand projects of playground spaces, both outdoors and indoors, have been implemented in Russia and CIS. Roman Khramov, Executive Director, told us how the company lives today and resists the crisis.

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Gamma Trading House has updated its product range for the new season

The national leader in the manufacturing of creativity products has pleased the customers in the post-quarantine period with innovative developments designed to engage children in useful activities, give more free time for parents, and help children of different ages to form the necessary creative skills.

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Nota Bene is preparing for the coming season

Malchishki I Devchonki (Boys and Girls), a Moscow company, has actively entered the post-quarantine period. The uninterrupted operation of the company’s website with an up-to-date electronic catalog, a convenient way of payment for the goods and a quick delivery to all the regions of our country has been organised. A new, colorful collection has been prepared for the autumn season.

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Expert Opinion

Irina Sedova: the toy market turned out to be quite stable

What happened to the children's goods market not only in Russia but also in Europe? Were toys a necessary commodity when people were staying at home? What will happen in the post-quarantine period? Irina Sedova, Development Director, NPD Group, talks about this and much more.

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