Childrens shoes

Footwear for children and teenagers has long ceased to be just a utilitarian clothing item. In children's shoe industry, as well as in adults, every year different fashion trends and directions emerge. That is why the CJF trade show pays special attention to footwear for children and teenagers by organizing a thematic shoe salon.

Every year the number of participants is growing. We have already been joined by well-known manufacturers of children's footwear from Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Spain and Turkey. And, of course, the central place is taken by the stands of Russian manufacturers, who invariably present fashionable shoes of high-quality modern materials with a wide range of sizes.

Product sectors:

  • Children's footwear
  • Footwear for newborns
  • Footwear for preschoolers
  • Footwear for schoolchildren
  • Footwear for teenagers
  • Footwear for home and leisure
  • Footwear for sports and outdoor activities
  • Beach footwear
  • Leather and fur footwear
  • Festive shoes
  • Felt footwear
  • Rubber footwear