Chaikovsky Textiles fabric for school uniforms included in The 100 Best Goods of Russia list
A fabric for school uniforms made by Chaikovsky Textile and branded Liceum has been included in The Golden 100 Best Goods of Russia. The company received this award at the finals of the federal round of the Russian competition The 100 Best Goods of Russia in the consumer goods category.

Fun Ecotex sustains prices and guarantees quality
Fun Ecotex specializes in bedclothes and accessories for newborns. This spring the company will demonstrate a new collection which will also include pillows, blankets, plaids, baths accessories and baptismal sets.

Kotofey opened a store at the Central Detsky Mir
The Kotofey® retail chain opened a new retail outlet at the Central Detsky Mir on Lubyanka Street, Moscow.

Lucky Child calls for love
A new designer clothing collection for girls by Lucky Child is inspired by love, the strongest feeling on Earth! That is why this collection is called Love.

Wojcik plans regional expansion in Russia
The last autumn for the first time a major Polish company Wojcik presented its products at our exhibition. The company has been manufacturing diverse clothes for children for many years. In the end of last year, it opened its brand shop in Moscow. And in spring we will see their products at our exhibition.

Gamma expands retail chain
Gamma Factory from Orel specializes in manufacture of legwear and footwear from modern materials. The company opened a new shop in Moscow. The shop is located at the Pyaterochka supermarket at Varshavskoye Shosse, 152.

MaLek BaBy increases credit sales
MaLeK BaBy Group develops a clothing line with the same brand name. The company has revealed the last years results and the future development plans.

Ivashka: a new logo and size range
The Ivashka® clothes manufacturer from Ivanovo presented a new logo. Its distinctive features are the modern style, popular color palette and soft round lines. The brands slogan is Ivashka, Mamas Love.

Shop window display as a sales driver
The Design Seminar for Visual Merchandising and Shops for Children will be held on the 20th of February. How to avoid initial mistakes and to create an effective shop? What are the world trends in shop design?
Anna Balandina, the Head of VM Guru Agency, a visual merchandising expert, will be the speaker conducting the seminar.

Exhibition Life
The power of lighting and sales effectiveness
How to increase sales of clothes for children with the help of shop lighting is the name of the master class which will be given my Mikhail Gusmanov, top manager of NLT Trade OOO, on the 20th of February, for the first time at our exhibition.

Pavilion No.3, Childrens Catwalk

Exhibition Life
Mama Tilda: designer of overcoats, now for boys
Thought the company which has a nice fairytailish name Mama Tilda hasnt been working in the market of clothes for children for long, it has already attracted quite a number of fans. The company specializes in tailoring and fabrication of overcoats for girls. Julia Teshner, the companys director, talks about interesting features and advantages of her products.

MIRDADA: European quality for affordable prices
In February 2018, MIRDADA, a Belarus brand of clothes for children, will take part in CJF Child and Junior Fashion. The clothes of this brand have been well known for a long time to end-users in different cities of Belarus. In 2017, the brand entered the European market after signing contracts with retailers in Germany, the Netherlands and France. Pavel Radionov, Director of MIRDADARUS OOO, informed about advantages of his companys products.

Anastasia Kushkova: school uniforms can be and should be elegant!
DimArk celebrated its first 10 year anniversary last year. Since the very start of its business the company has been proving itself as a manufacturer and supplier of high quality elegant and fashionable business clothes. Today DimArk offers classic suites and trousers for children and juniors. A school collection which was truly acknowledged by children and parents will be presented at the spring exhibition. Anastasia Kushkova, the companys general manager, describes the new collection.

Children's catwalk